Guided Meditation

Walking Breath Meditation – Going West14 min

Gerald Förster

Come along on this short walking breath meditation and relax into this effortless breath flow that will guide you to clarity of mind and ultimately greater fulfillment.

Walking Breath Meditation12 min

Gerald Förster

This walking meditation invites the mind to get fully present with a simple yet very effective breath flow, that you can practice where ever you might take a stroll. 

Morning Flow To Activate Prana16 min

Gerald Förster

Please join me on this simple 16 min. morning routine where we activate Prana and stimulate the senses to beginn our day with clarity and calm.

Yin Yoga Morning Flow 19 min

Mesa Stamm

Awaken and enliven your core intentions for the day, and activate your Chi with this love infused morning flow.

Present Moment Awareness Meditation 7 min

Mesa Stamm

Find a comfortable seat, and simply let yourself being guided by Mesa’s beautiful voice, that will bring you back into your body, back to the present moment, back home to the sweet spot within.

Yin Yoga 35 min

Mesa Stamm

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga poses that are appreciated to an appropriate depth.

Kundalini Pranayama Breath 18 min

Yeva Don

In this special Kundalini breath meditation techniques Yeva Don is presenting us with two simple, yet powerful pranayama techniques, first the pecker breath inhale through the open mouth that creates

Toning To The Cosmos 15 min

Jessica Caplan

Toning to the cosmos is a breath-infused, humming vocal toning journey, from within you, gradually all the way out into the clouds, the stars, to the moon and into the cosmos, and back to your home

Silent Vedic Meditation 20 min

Thom Knoles

This Vedic meditation is for Vedic meditation practitioners only.
Thom will guide you to sit effortless with no anticipations and no expectations of any results to be in silence.

Rainbow Meditation Journey 13 min

Katja Loher

This guided meditation transports you to a realm, where Mother Earth is in energetic exchange with the Universe to activate cosmic alignment. This flow creates…

Rebirth Spirit Meditation 19 min

Shaman Durek

Shaman Durek has been sharing his gifts, teaching thousands to purify, concentrate and focus their abilities in order to live their fullest expression of life. This powerful meditation will reconnect

Vocal Toning 30 min

Emily Sause

Vocal Toning combines deep breathing and vocalization into a practice that soothes the nervous system and restores the energetic body.

Loving Kindness Meditation 16 min

Manoj Dias

Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation is a meditation practice for the heart. It’s a simple technique for developing more kindness and compassion, for ourselves and others. It comes from the Buddhist

Gratitude Meditation 20 min

Hector Marcel

There is a natural correlation between gratitude and a healthy self esteem. It is difficult to feel truly grateful for the things outside and inside of us and not feel lucky, special even sublime. Therefore the

Deep Sleep Meditation 30 min

Jessica Caplan & Ally Bogard

This meditation will prepare you for a deep restful sleep on a cellular level. Whether you are having trouble sleeping lately or are a chronically challenged sleeper, this practice developed by Jessica

Unity Consciousness Meditation 14 min

Anne-Solenn Âme Soleil

Embody your archangelic forces, and deep dive into this Unity Consciousness journey by Anne-Solenn Âme Solei to reconnect and amplify your sacred wings.

Tantra Bliss Breath Meditation 18 min

Meg Berry

In this 18 min. Tantra Bliss Breath Meditation by Meg Berry is a simple jet very effective way to mindful breathing. It will flood your system with serotonin and dopamine and will help you vacuum up

Finding Your Spirit Animal 13 min

Elif Teja

Sit or lie down comfortably, put an eye mask or a scarf on your eyes so you can see better with your 3rd eye. Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Breathe in on a count of 4,3,2,1 and…

Silence Behind The Sounds 5 min

Tamara Edwards

A simple guided meditation into the silence behind the sounds. Experience the sounds of a remote Central American jungle to awaken your senses, calm your mind, and gather your attention.

Heart Opening Meditation 23 min

Biet Simkin

Using ancient techniques, and a sensual resonance of her voice, Biet Simkin will sooth and calm you with this emotional, heart-opening meditation.

Healing Breath Meditation 16 min

Sah D’Simone

In this 16 min. Healing Breath Meditation, Sah D’Simone is teaching a profound method of breathing, which gets us accustomed to a coherent five breaths per minute routine, so that the brain gets the

Kundalini Breath Meditation 15 min

Hari Kaur Khalsa

In this Kundalini Gong breathing meditation Hari is guiding us into a blissful realm of stillness where one gets transported into another realm of existence. The otherworldly sound of a gong, singing

Anchoring Body Intelligent Meditation 15 min

Anne-Solenn Âme Soleil

This Anchoring body intelligent meditation will transport you to your light path that will get you back to our unity connection with all kingdoms to support our humanity ascension path.

Traveling Through The Magic Square In Kapalabhati 6 min

Nevine Michaan

Align with your frequency of empowerment and abundance and join Nevine Michaan on this exciting journey, as she is traveling through the magic square in this kapalabhati class.

Spirit Journey Meditation of the Bridge 41 min

Shaman Durek

In this 41 min. Journey meditation Shaman Durek is teaching you the ancient understanding & formation of the bridge, the bridge is an energy formation that is created in your system, brought to you

King Of The Mountain Meditation 9 min

Nevine Michaan

In this 9 min. video standing pose Nevine Michaan will guide you with her expansive presence through the King Of The Mountain meditation. The art of this invigorating pose is to learn how to be

Mantra Meditation – Soham 20 min

Gemma Gambee

Gemma’s meditation guides you while simultaneously teaching you the subtlety of the practice. Once we allow ourselves to rest our awareness on the mantra we are giving ourselves permission to be