Anne-Solenn Âme Soleil

Anchoring Body Intelligent Meditation

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This Anchoring body intelligent meditation will transport you to your light path that will get you back to our unity connection with all kingdoms to support our humanity ascension path.

Our power is to self improve as we elevate our trust to call upon our guides of the invisible world. Listen to the whispering advice, to embrace the right path for live synchronicities to manifest.

Ancient wisdom remind us to rely on our totem animal, a partner on our life path.Be it a jaguar, horse, dolphin, dragon, an owl, or any animals that your heart loves deeply.Unity consciousness with your totem animal.

When ever you’re listening to this guided meditation place your hand to your heart and call your totem animal, ask for advice and protection and raise your awareness to find inner core authentic truth.

A Vertical Space Production for WelcomeEarth. Photographed by Gerald Forster. Original score by Alchemic Sonic Environment. Sound design by Marc Urselli. Recorded in the salt room at Modrn Sanctuary.


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