Thom Knoles

Silent Vedic Meditation

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Sit back and enjoy a 20min. silent meditation with Thom Knoles, a maharishi of Vedic Meditation. This effortless mental technique will allow one to experience a fully awake restful consciousness and its many physiological benefits…
The Veda points out that consciousness is the truth of life. Consciousness is one, whole, complete thing that encompasses and underlies all that there is.

Everything in this world is an expression of this one thing. Like waves upon the ocean—individual expressions of an underlying oneness, but never separate from that oneness.

Like these waves, each of us feels ourselves as separate from all that is, but if we simply could de-excite the wave that we are, we would be able to experience the ocean from which we have been expressed, the ocean that is the truth of us—pure consciousness.

With this idea in mind of a wave naturally settling down to its oceanic nature, pulled inward by the far greater weight of the ocean, we can sit and simply pay attention to our breath—watching the breath as it comes in and watching it as it goes out.

When we find ourselves in thought, we easily and gently bring ourselves back to our breath.

A Vertical Space Production for WelcomeEarth, recorded at 1Infinito. Thom Knoles photographed by Gerald Forster


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