Shaman Durek

Spirit Journey Meditation of the Bridge

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In this 41 min. Journey meditation Shaman Durek is teaching you the ancient understanding & formation of the bridge, the bridge is an energy formation that is created in your system, brought to you to your cellular data and enhanced by the invisible spirit world that is around you.
This journey will open and reawaken your true powers, to find your authentic north, so you can manifest your soul purpose.
You’ll learn how to rediscover the source of unconditional love for yourself and others and get reminded that you hold all the power with in.
Shaman Durek is reactivating the deep flow of the chakras, with mental stimulation and an active breath flow to gain light, love and acceptance. You are so powerful…

A Vertical Space Production for WelcomeEarth, recorded at Bass Hit Records. Shaman Durek photographed by Gerald Forster.


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