Anne-Solenn Âme Soleil

Unity Consciousness Meditation

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Embody your archangelic forces, and deep dive into this Unity Consciousness journey by Anne-Solenn Âme Soleil to reconnect and amplify your sacred wings. Feel your powerful soul and be guided by the embodiment of your true essence, and raise up your 12 layers of sacred consciousness by reconnecting your inner archangelic dimensions.

Whenever you are listening to this guided meditation, place your hand on your heart and call your archangelic consciousness to lift up your energy to get back to supreme harmony and creative power. Our archangelic conscious energies will support our humanity to embody stellar light frequencies of our divine presence and truth. This will also allow us in the “here and now” to step out of the 3D matrix of illusion and separation.

As Beings of light, we shine as we wonder… Our power is to self improve as we elevate our trust in the ability to call upon our true nature to bring us back to our Divine Allied Forces.

A Vertical Space Production for WelcomeEarth. Directed/shot by Gerald Forster. Original score by Alchemic Sonic Environment. Sound design by Marc Urselli. Recorded in the salt room at Modrn Sanctuary.


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