Katja Loher

Rainbow Meditation Journey

This guided meditation transports you to a realm, where Mother Earth is in energetic exchange with the Universe to activate cosmic alignment. This flow creates a sense of love, connection, protection and deepens the awareness to unity consciousness. This Rainbow Bubble journey inspires you to grow roots and wings, generates a wonderful relaxing flow that awakens your creativity, and lifts you up to manifest your dreams.

Find a comfortable seat, or perhaps lay down, relax and enjoy a deep feeling of a save, liberating & warm loving comfort.


13 min

Rainbow Meditation Journey

Katja Loher

19 min

Rebirth Spirit Meditation

Shaman Durek

30 min

Vocal Toning

Emily Sause

16 min

Loving Kindness Meditation

Manoj Dias

Deep Sleep Meditation

Jessica Caplan & Ally Bogard