Nevine Michaan

Katonah Yoga Master Class Series

Connect with your core, and nourish your soul with the electrifying
Katonah Yoga Master Class Series.

About this master class

60 min. Life Recording of Nevine Michaan’s Pranayama Breath Work.
6 min. Traveling Through the Magic Square in Kapalabhati.
9 min. King Of The Mountain Meditation
Plus a 25 min. Interview Revealing Her Personal Morning Routine and Her Longevity Practice.

This master class series is intoxicating and the results are exhilarating, it will leave you refreshed and recharged filled with clarity and deeper insights.

Honor your self and cultivate a vibrant abundant you.

Pranayama Master Class

Witness Nevine Michaan teaching her signature pranayama breath work class at her NYC Katonah Yoga Studio.
This recording will elevate you directly into Nevine’s class, experiencing a powerful electrifying breath work which will ignite your primal drives.

The Magic Square in Kapalabhati

Align with your frequency of empowerment and abundance and join Nevine Michaan on this exciting journey, as she travels through the magic square in this kapalabhati class.
The magic square is a neurological super highway where you travel through the 10 steps with a fluency of going up and down the steps and all around yourself. This class effective, joyful, functional and easy to practice. Enjoy!

King Of The Mountain Meditation

This guided meditation by Nevine Michaan will leave you feeling well-integrated and radiant throughout the day. The art of this invigorating standing pose is to learn how to be your own King of your own Mountain. This endurance class will guide you through a standing position that will clear your senses and reconnects you to the internal seasons and the cosmic divine which lies within.

A Bonus Audio Interview

This 23 minute informal conversation between Nevine Michaan, Paulo Hudson, and WelcomeEarth founder Gerald Forster takes place at Nevine’s outdoor patio at her house in Bedford. It opens a intimate window on her personal morning routine and her longevity practice.

Meet Your Teacher

“We are mystical bodies,” says Michaan.

Expansive in presence, and blue eyes of telling wisdom, Michaan has been practicing yoga for 40 years and teaching for over 30. Creator of the Katonah yoga method, which integrates Taoism, mathematics, and an eclectic fusion of yoga and spirituality and owner of the Katonah Yoga studio in Bedford Hills. Michaan draws inspiration from Taoist thought, geometry, and her own evolving practice. Michaan has become renowned not only for her poetic metaphors and knowledge of yoga, but also for her keen ability to “read” people’s bodies almost instantaneously upon meeting them. When she’s not teaching yoga, she’s reading Goethe and Spinoza, refining her own practices for longevity, and sharing her infectious sense of joy with those around her.

Katonah Yoga Studio, 39 Main Street, Bedford Hills, NY

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√ Pranayama Class – 56 min.
√ The Magic Square – 5 min.
√ King Of The Mountain – 9 min.
√ Informal Information – 25 min.



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√ Instant Excess to All Teachings.
√ Live Weekend Programming.
√ On-Demand Classes.
√ Exclusive Guided Meditations.
√ Spiritual Courses.
√ Transformational Lectures.
√ Sound Submersions.
√ Mindful Programming For Kids.
√ Online and Offline, Anytime


What Yoga and Meditation Teachers Are Saying

Nevine is the most magical teacher and I’m grateful to call her my mentor. Her Pranayama classes are practical, technical, and super unique. You will flush out every organ, gland, and cell in your body through the pranayama practice (even if it’s in your imagination), and class always leaves me feeling truly transformed. And the way in which Nevine weaves in imaginative metaphors to the pranayama class creates an effect of feeling integrated in mind, body, and spirit. Highly recommended for anyone looking to participate in a well-being practice.


Nevine’s ways of seeing, mapping, and articulating the practice in the body have shifted the experience pranayama into a more grounded, receptive, and simultaneously dynamic teaching for me; her passion and understanding will light up many generations to come.

Elena Brower

Nevine is a master-teacher- her wisdom is infinite, her presence is contagious. She delivers knowledge imaginatively and effectively- it’s easy to remember and apply to your day-to-day practice and lifestyle.


Nevine’s techniques, metaphors, and general approach to the yoga practice/life have transformed my world. Her pranayama class is a treat not to be missed, an incredible way to refresh, recharge, and refine. She takes your mind on a journey while tuning up your physical space. Her tools are practical, her esoteric dialogue is relatable, and like the rest of the Katonah Yoga practice, you’ll leave feeling well integrated and radiant.


Nevine’s Pranayama & Meditation class is a personal favorite for me. It is a brilliant reorientation in space and in time; and an enlightening journey through one’s inner personal landscape. She weaves a golden thread through organs, glands, bones & breath. It regulates the system & piques the imagination, opening up spaces both inside & outside of the body field.


Nevine Michaan is a symphony of wisdom. Her class is an exceptional brew of practical alchemy, woven with poetry and polished with whit. Her lessons are a collection of simple pranayama techniques organized to ignite our primal drives.


Nevine’s pranayama class is a revelatory experience. Over one hour, Nevine transmits a lifetime of embodied intellect through her incisive metaphors and cathartic practices. Her mastery is intoxicating and the results are exhilarating.


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