Sound therapist, vocalist, yoga teacher, and spiritual seeker Jess weaves music, movement, and sound arts to create experiences that awaken compassion and connectivity. Whether working with large groups or individuals, young children or the elderly, on a college campus or yoga studio, with a cancer patient or corporate team, her prayer is to facilitate heart-centered connection to self, community, and Spirit through deep listening, sounding, and the re- awakening of wonder.

Teachings by Jessica Caplan

Toning To The Cosmos 15 min

Jessica Caplan

Toning to the cosmos is a breath-infused, humming vocal toning journey, from within you, gradually all the way out into the clouds, the stars, to the moon and into the cosmos, and back to your home

Higher Self 33 min

Jessica Caplan

In this gentle practice you’ll connect you with your higher self, so that you can receive the guidance you need to potentially fulfill your vision quest.
Grounding 38 min

Jessica Caplan

This sound meditation frequency will help surrender your body and mind towards Earth energy. A feeling of home and belonging that supports you in grounding Self.
Balance 32 min

Jessica Caplan

A soothing, drone-soaked soundscape to restore a feeling of balance and equanimity to mind and body. Use this practice when you’re feeling distracted, anxious, or out of balance.

Creativity 35 min

Jessica Caplan

A practice to tap into your boundless Source of creativity. We begin by opening the voice to connect with our expression, and then move into sounds that stimulate our imagination and open the creative portal.

Deep Sleep Meditation 30 min

Jessica Caplan & Ally Bogard

This meditation will prepare you for a deep restful sleep on a cellular level. Whether you are having trouble sleeping lately or are a chronically challenged sleeper, this practice developed by Jessica