Born in Russia, with the destiny to travel and living in various countries around the world, Yeva finally found her new home in Tulum. Inspired by an endless stream of self-exploration, that led her to Plant Medicine, Shamanism, Kabbalah, Sufism, Qi-Gong, Vedic, Buddhism, and finally, practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga and meditations. Yeva is focusing intuitively on the most relevant topic, to provide people with space for experiencing and remembering the wisdom and the strength that they carry within. From her transformational online Self Course for women, her soul-created clothing brand, or her classes – everything is filled with a consciousness of unity and wholeness, derived from her personal relationship with the topic. Her personal mantra is alignment with the authentic Self, living once Soul purpose and sharing the gift of love.

Teachings by Yeva Don

Kundalini Pranayama Breath 18 min

Yeva Don

In this special Kundalini breath meditation techniques Yeva Don is presenting us with two simple, yet powerful pranayama techniques, first the p…