Hello, my name is Mesa! 
From being raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, to currently living in the remote village of Yelapa, Mexico, I have always enjoyed a strong connection to the elements of our Mother Earth, and to engage to my best abilities to live a regenerative life with in my available surroundings.
Inspired by Yin Yoga, I teach vinyasa style, that focuses on breath and slow movements, to embrace and complete Yoga as a form of life, appropriate for all ages.
I enjoy holding space for people to show up, dive deeper into this experience and see what lies beneath. Whether that be through yoga, time in nature, or community. I strive to guide people home to themselves, in a way that is honest, inclusive and lighthearted. 

Teachings by Mesa Stamm

Yin Yoga Morning Flow 19 min

Mesa Stamm

Awaken and enliven your core intentions for the day, and activate your Chi with this love infused morning flow.

Present Moment Awareness Meditation 7 min

Mesa Stamm

Find a comfortable seat, and simply let yourself being guided by Mesa’s beautiful voice, that will bring you back into your body, back to the present moment, back home to the sweet spot within.

Yin Yoga 35 min

Mesa Stamm

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga poses that are appreciated to an appropriate depth.