Katja Loher is an international artist, architect of dreams and founder of the Collective Immunity. The concept of this group – that consists of friends from all around the world – is to build and strengthen a web of light filaments growing around planet earth, to lift the vibration and to create Collective Immunity with the concept that we are instruments of awareness and agents of sustainable change. Loher creates multi-sensorial experiences in her exhibitions and permanent art installations, sets up gatherings and retreats to engage spiritual manifestations to promote healing and profound contemplations. Her pieces are the product of a collaborative effort between creative talents. Ballerinas take on the form of small creatures in a multicolored game of perspective and scale that ennobles the existence of tiny beings. Loher takes us on a new journey into the art of molding nature through the artifice of technology and performance. Loher´s artifacts generate a virtually real world where human action becomes a creative act rather than a destructive force. The mutual relation between technology, art and magic becomes natural in this virtual jungle where the ancestral healer still dwells.

Teachings by Katja Loher

Rainbow Meditation Journey 13 min

Katja Loher

This guided meditation transports you to a realm, where Mother Earth is in energetic exchange with the Universe to activate cosmic alignment. This flow creates…

Soma Breath Meditation23 min

Katja Loher

This Soma Breathwork journey is a deeply rejuvenating experience, that will keep you supercharged and refreshed…