“RAISE YOUR VIBRATION!!! – Everything we think, see, hear, eat, breathe, the people we vibe with- they all raise or lower our overall vibration. What you feed your mind most of all with gives you the magic shield to defend yourself from negativity. So why not fill up first of all on the infinite power of the Universe and have a beautiful foundation of light inside you so everything comes from love in the first place? I believe in quieting in the mind completely to be aligned with your soul but also guided meditations are a great way to heal and fill yourself with magic to build your super shield against the negative encounters of the world… it’s like doubling your power”. Manjit is a Indian British Sikh Meditator and professional Singer/Songwriter now living in New York. She was raised in true Sikh tradition performing Indian hymns (Shabads) in temples from the age of 11 onwards. She uses chants and mantras and the power of vibration in music and sound as a primary way to raise vibration for helping others. She offers personal recorded guided mediations tailored to clients personal healing needs and is also currently recording a series of Nature themed guided meditations to be shared soon.

Teachings by Manjit Devgun

Heart Space Meditation 11 min

Manjit Devgun

This heartspace meditation is to fill yourself with some much needed self love. Simply listen and allow yourself to work and stimulate the forth chakra to raise your overall vibration of love.