As a host of sound and group facilitator, Emily Sause works to create conditions in which individuals can reconnect to themselves. Leading with the heart, Sause considers herself in humble service to the collective ascension toward harmonious living. Working with adults and kids alike, Sause is inspired to uplift and motivate people to feel good in their bodies. Her work takes shape upon a spectrum; the evocative end of the spectrum includes work that involves vocal release, emotional awareness and somatic movement, while the restorative end of the spectrum invites passive practices of guided contemplations and meditative soundscapes accompanied by overtone emitting instruments and the voice. Sause’s work is informed by her time with The NY Center for Nonviolent Communication, The Institute of Core Energetics and Brooklyn Healing Arts, and has become a synthesis of the classic choral training rooted in music theory from her youth, with her more recent study of vocal traditions from indigenous shamanic cultures. Sause is the voice of Akasha:The Game Of Life, Co-Founder and Facilitator of Shine On in Schools, she is facilitating a weekly Vocal Toning class at Frequency.

Teachings by Emily Sause

Vocal Toning30 min

Emily Sause

Vocal Toning combines deep breathing and vocalization into a practice that soothes the nervous system and restores the energetic body.