Aya and Tyler perform LIVE electronic meditation concerts for the modern listener. Singer/Songwriter Aya has collaborated with Blue Six, Sade, and Lenny Kravitz. Musician/Producer Tyler Sussman is the co-founder of Didge Project and integrates his jazz/classical training with sound healing technologies. Together they have collaborated with Deepak Chopra, Alan Finger, Elena Brower, Kripalu, Yoga Journal, and Wanderlust Festivals. In live performance, Aya and Tyler record live loops, layering vocals, instruments, and percussion into an alluring soundscape that guides the listener to experience his or her true essential nature. Fusing english lyrics with sacred mantras, elements of jazz and electronica with soul and R&B, and shamanic rhythms with indigenous instruments, Aya and Tyler create an accessible experience of meditation through the power of music.

Teachings by Aya & Tyler

Sound Meditation 30 min

Aya & Tyler

This therapeutic sound meditation will harmonize your entire cellular structure. It will bath you in deep comfort and facilitate sonic balance between mind, body & spirit. Find a cozy setting for