Elena Brower & Krishna Das

A Student’s Journey

Witness the beautiful intimate conversation between Elena Brower and Krishna Das as they discuss The Student’s Journey, the discovery of one’s life, and the greater meaning of soul purpose.

Elena Brower

Refining Your Inner Conversation 33 min

Elena Brower & Laurie Gerber

Explore your vision and understandings of your integrity and your capacity for self-love in this compelling conversation between Handel Group life coaching president Laurie Gerber and yoga/

Cultivating A Higher Self 52 min

Elena Brower & Jonni Pollard

Let Elena Brower and Jonni Pollard’s intimate talk answer your questions about the fundamental knowledge necessary to cultivate a higher self, through the simple practice of making effortless
Kundalini Yoga 41 min

Elena Brower & Hari Kaur Khalsa

Witness the beautiful energy and open share between Masters Elena Brower and Hari Kaur Khalsa as they converse On Kundalini – why we do yoga, what we gain from a Kundalini practice, and