Guy Beider

Guided Sonic Journey

This 48-minute musical composition will take you into the timeless zone where your tranquil mind will observe itself with no obstacles. You will let go of tension by diving deep into the hypnotic sounds of antique Himalayan singing bowls. This journey is designed to induce deep rest and reach the priceless moments of clarity and wholeness whether you practice meditation regularly or not.
To experience the spatial effect of this high-quality recording please use over-the-ear headphones or a decent audio system. Please keep the volume at a midrange or lower.

Sound Submersion

Full Album

Sound Submersion Vol.2

Alexandre Tannous

30 min

Sound Meditation

Aya & Tyler

16 min

Himalayan Singing Bowls

Alexandre Tannous

30 min

Therapeutic Surround Sound Meditation

Jesse Flower-Ambroch