Biet Simkin

The Art of Being

Unravel the laws of the universe
to fulfill your highest potential and embrace
the real you.

About the course

This course is about finding space to become the real you. The art of real presence doesn’t take a master to master. It simply takes surrender and intentional action. To study with Biet is to make meditation magic and easy. This course features two video talks (The Law of Lying & The Law of Seven) and it includes the video recording of her famous eye gazing meditation. Biet will unrevel the laws of the universe that keep you from your enlightenment. In her presence you’ll find peace, awakening and refreshing perspective on reality. When one sees the world differently the world becomes different. Coming into contact with this course will change the way you see and interact with the world.

Eye Gazing Meditation

To Gaze with a human as they are entering a state of being is way more powerful than a crystal. What we crave most as humans is connection to this inner world. The eye is like a telescope into outer space. As above so below, it is said. When you gaze with Biet, who is a master at this work, you will be transported into a hypnotic state of “de-hypnosis”. As Biet states, “We do not want to be hypnotized, rather, we want to be de-hypnotized, as that gives us a possibility of freedom from the shackles of a rattling mind”. In this meditation you will experience all your senses coming into harmony. With most meditations being eyes shut, this is a refreshing new take. Give it a try, and notice the difference this shocking little action has on your consciousness.

Law Of Seven

This is one of the main and defining laws that keep us asleep as humans. Biet explains the law and masterfully gives you a deep understanding of what to expect and avoid when attempting success in any domain of your life. With this tool belt on you will be able to get up the mountain and slay the dragon (so to speak). You will be able to be armed with the power of wisdom, choice and serenity. This video is the absolute ground work of spiritual understanding.

Law Of Lying

There are 3 forms of lying and we do all of them! If you are reading this and you are thinking, “oh no, not me”, then this video is for you. Even if you know about that you are lying, it is important to re address the ways in which this law keeps you away from the state of enlightenment and in a prison of self. In this video you will unravel some ways you are lying and begin to feel relief. Implementing awareness around this law is the first step to freedom. The final step is freedom! Taking this initial step is crucial on the path. Go ahead! Take a look at what’s really going on!


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8 min. Who Are We Meditation

Meet Your Teacher

Biet has been studying spirituality for over 30 years. Signed to Sony Records at the age of nineteen, she lived the rock ‘n’ roll glam life in New York City for years, until she finally fell to pieces as a heroin addict. In rapid succession, a near death experience, the tragic deaths of her infant child and father, as well as a fire that burnt down her home, propelled her to sober up. As she moved from meltdowns to miracles, she began to teach meditation to private clients, eventually founding a one of a kind system, Center of the Cyclone™ meditation.

Currently at work on a ‘how to meditate’ handbook slated for a fall release under the Simon & Schuster imprint, Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and numerous other publications, she has led mass meditations at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, Sundance Film Festival, and luxury hotels from Los Angeles to the Amalfi Coast. In addition to creating in-room content for 1 Hotel, she has led workshops on how to meditate for executives from Sony, Lululemon, VICE, Adidas and Soul Cycle, to name just a few.

Today, Biet immerses audiences in meditations that weave stillness, fashion, and a sexy rock ‘n’ roll edge into seamless, explosive experiences. Uniquely, she scores her meditation experiences with original music from her latest release The Lunar.


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√ Live Weekend Programming.
√ On-Demand Classes.
√ Exclusive Guided Meditations.
√ Spiritual Courses.
√ Transformational Lectures.
√ Sound Submersions.
√ Mindful Programming For Kids.
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What Yoga and Meditation Teachers Are Saying

“Biet is a force of nature a divine vocal artist and spirit guide who touches into the deep wounds of humanity to call out the light to expand beyond the limitations of fear. Helping people witness and see themselves within each other and humanity as a whole.”

Shaman Durek

“Intelligent, brazen, brave and present, Biet is a source and a force in the world of meditation. I’m proud to walk with her as her colleague and friend.”

Elena Brower

“There are your spirited meditation teachers, and then there’s Biet, the rare master—with beauty, charisma, and grace to boot. Part Shaman, part artist, Biet is truly her own brand of guru. A Biet experience is about helping each practitioner connect to their most authentic Self.”

Light Watkins

“Biet Simkin is a true artist, bringing a layer of mesmeric beauty to her chosen medium—meditation. If we all know by now that meditation is essential for our mental, emotional, and spiritual health, then Biet reminds us that it is also our pathway to the sublime ecstasy of being human in an increasingly techno centric world.”

Ruby Warrington

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