Born and raised in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, Manoj Dias is an animated speaker, humble teacher and always a friend. He knows that meditation and mindfulness, are too vast and wise for any single person to own. So, he’s learnt from many of the great spiritual teachers of our time including Channa Dassanayaka and Jack Kornfield as well as studying at the Nalanda Institute in New York City. Once tethered to a life of self-management, rather than self-awareness, Manoj has been transformed by every breath of this practice, knowing that awareness leads to healing, from the inside, out. Through mindfulness and meditation, he’s helped thousands of people around the world trade mania for pause, so that they may live fearlessly in honour of a happier and more meaningful life. As co-founder of A—SPACE – Australia’s first multidisciplinary meditation studio – he walks this truth en-masse with a family of one mind. Whether he’s teaching through words or the silence in between them, Manoj’s great love for ancient wisdom and contemporary science is present in every encounter. Sometimes humorous, always compassionate and forever a student, Manoj is a warm, empathic and spirited character who connects with beings of every kind.

Teachings by Manoj Dias

Loving Kindness Meditation 16 min

Manoj Dias

Metta or Loving Kindness Meditation is a meditation practice for the heart. It’s a simple technique for developing more kindness and compassion, for ourselves and others. It comes from the Buddhist

Kindness and Gratitude Meditation 8 min

Manoj Dias

The ultimate superpowers for your kids, Inner calm and compassion. This short meditation cultivates peace, kindness and gratitude. Perfect for all the little adventures a day can bring or as a wind-down before cozy sleep.