Guy Yair Beider is a sound meditation facilitator, sound wellness arts educator, and Himalayan antique singing bowls expert. He is passionate about providing the audience with healthy sonic nourishment and a diversity of scenarios for mindful and safe sonic journeys. The miraculous tones, the audience is getting immersed in during his sessions, belong to antique masterpieces of Himalayan singing bowls, hand-picked by him from many thousands of other bowls. Guy’s major source of knowledge of working with sound is coming from extended research on psychology, musicology, and psychoacoustics. Since 2011 he has facilitated hundreds of meditations in yoga studios, martial art schools, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and various organizations for people with special needs, PTSD, and AA groups.

Teachings by Guy Beider

Guided Sonic Journey 48 min

Guy Beider

This 48-minute musical composition will take you into the timeless zone where your tranquil mind will observe itself with no obstacles. You will let go of tension by diving deep into the hypnotic sounds