Curious and open minded with an enthusiastic personality. Husband and father of two boys, yogi and meditation practitioner with a passion for organic gardening. Gerald intuitively follows his path of remembering that wisdom and strength lies within all of us. He thrives for unity consciousness and wholeness through alignment with the authentic Self. Living one‘s sole purpose and sharing the gift of love is his personal mantra.


Gerald Forster is the Founder of

Teachings by Gerald Förster

Walking Breath Meditation – Going West14 min

Gerald Förster

Come along on this short walking breath meditation and relax into this effortless breath flow that will guide you to clarity of mind and ultimately greater fulfillment.

Walking Breath Meditation12 min

Gerald Förster

This walking meditation invites the mind to get fully present with a simple yet very effective breath flow, that you can practice where ever you might take a stroll.

Morning Flow To Activate Prana16 min

Gerald Förster

Please join me on this simple 16 min. morning routine where we activate Prana and stimulate the senses to beginn our day with clarity and calm.