Biet is the world-renowned meditation leader dubbed the “David Bowie of Meditation.”  As a musician, Biet weaves the world of pop culture and spirituality, teaching practical applications of ancient spiritual wisdom. The teachings are featured in Biet’s best selling book, ‘Don’t Just Sit There!’ published by Simon & Schuster.

Raised by a Shaman in New York City, Biet signed to Sony Records at the age of 19 as a singer/songwriter. Diving into a Rock & Roll lifestyle, Biet became a high profile DJ in the fashion and art scene in Manhattan. However, following a string of life changing events, including the sudden loss of her daughter, Biet turned to her lifetime study of meditation and launched the Guided By Biet event series. The meditation experience reached a contemporary audience in cultural spaces, including museums, hotels, and fashion shows. These groundbreaking events were scored by her own music and were the first time meditation was mixed with pop culture, creating the revolutionary new trend.
Biet is best known for modernizing the spiritual path and has been called the “Meditation Guru for the next generation.”

Teachings by Biet Simkin

Connecting to your Unicorn 7 min

Biet Simkin

This spirit meditation is guided by Isa, with the help of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Celestial realm. As you journey through the chakras with the help of your breath, you elevate the frequency and dive into the…

Bumblebee Breath Meditation 5 min

Biet Simkin

This is a awesome and fun breath meditation, where we connect to the inner vibration that resonates and feels just like a bumble bee. This engaging humming and breath flow activates a new refreshing sense of self and stimulates the…

Eye Gazing Meditation 5 min

Biet Simkin

Hi kids. In this fun meditation we’re using the left eye as a window into the secret world within us, connecting you to yourself and the inner world of the other. In this technique you’ll find calm and creativity in a…

Heart Opening Meditation 23 min

Biet Simkin

Using ancient techniques, and a sensual resonance of her voice, Biet Simkin will sooth and calm you with this emotional, heart-opening meditation.

The Art of Being

Biet Simkin

This course will change the way you see and interact with your self and the world that surrounds you. Find clarity and prosperity to tap into full potentiality. The art of being reflects the authentic you.